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Matt Smith

Having studied blacksmithing skills for three years at the National School of Blacksmithing at Holme Lacy, I am now completing a degree in Artist Blacksmithing BA at Hereford College of Arts. I am inspired by the historical and traditional processes of metalwork used in blacksmithing and the skills of handcraft.   

I make for the joy of forging: watching the metallurgical change; working the metal; the physicality of the process.  I am engaged by the flexibility of reheating and reshaping, and by the excitement of change and expression.  I am also inspired by reusing stock; exploring mistakes and learning; making something new out of the old; and how an idea can change with the working.  

I want the viewer to know and see how the piece was made.  The process of making and combining elements should be visible and the skills identifiable.   When the audience engages with the movement of the work they are invited to look more closely and see more – connecting us through interaction with the work.   I would like the audience to be as excited and interested in the process of blacksmithing as I am, curious and intrigued by the results.

Dissertation – Democratisation of Memorialisation